Panel PC

My objective was to create a new gaming PC which is: 

  • -fanless ( passive cooled )
  • -"invisible" ( no cables from it, case not obstuct on table or under and is on "ivisible" place )
  • -ATX  ( full ATX components: PSU, GPU, DWDrom, 3,5"HDD -well, MB is micro ATX )
  • -gaming ( playable GTA4, at resolution 1920/1200 ) 


 PC componets:

At first i bought some components which i brought to life in my old case (in december 2008).  

  • CPU:       Intel Core2Duo E7300 2,66GHz
  • GPU:      Gigabyte Nvidia 9600GT
  • MB:        Asus  P5N73-CM (replaced to MSI G31TM-P35)
  • HDD:     WD 500 0AAKS
  • DWD:     Samsung SH-S223F
  • DDR:      Kingston 2GB DDR2 800 MHz
  • PSU:       Fortron  ATX FSP300-60GNF Zens (Fanless)
  • Wifi:       OvisLink WT-2000PCI
  • Cooler:  2x Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 rev. 2 (Fanless)
  • Cables:  PCI-E extender (thanx to and more
  • Monitor: SAMSUNG SyncMaster 275T


Then i made a drawing [pictures]. I decided to place the case on the backside of my monitor, so it should be light and slim. It was difficult, because the full ATX graphic card pulled into the MB has about 12cm (with cooler about 16cm) so I had to use special PCI-E extender to turn it.

I was curious how will be my CPU cooled with passive cooler for graphic cards - and it works well. 

To silence HDD i tried silencing blocks - but at last i made a homemade noise-muffler, box where HDD levitates on rubber bands (vibration) , and is sorrounded with silencing material (noise), although the construction ables air ventilation. The muffler works much better than bought silencer.

Whole PC case is hanged on monitor using VESA screw standards. As Material for the  PC-case I used only material which i found on street in Prague,  ( scrap of plexiglass and  plastic cable canal, aluminium plates from old CRT monitor).

The design ables to get rid of nearly all cables. I reduced cables of PC into one .

at first there were 8 cables por peripherals:

Monitor power, DVI, PC power, mouse, keyboard, internet, usb to monitor HUB, and audio.

and now only one - the complex power cable - rest  [pictures].   


Temperatures at burn

(20min playing GTA4 res.1600/900, max. temp. Speedfan, RealTemp, during hot day-room temp 28°C)

  • CPU:      66°C / 64°C realtemp (71°C / 69°C speedfan)
  • GPU:      77°C
  • MB:        53°C
  • HDD:     49°C

It seems that everything works well, although i use rightmark and GamerHUD(Gigabyte utility) to chanege voltages. CPU works on 1,163V clocked to 2400, and GPU on 0,95V -overclocked to 680/1700/850. (Producers of components set max tamperatures, so here they are: CPU 74°C, GPU 105°C, HDD 60°C).


Measures of the PC panel are:

 563mm x 368mm x 69mm

so the case is pretty slim, in case of the PSU I was not able to change its thickness so it is 89mm.

Topic: Forum. Questions will be answered.

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